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Welcome to the official website of our JVBA Ballet Summer Camp!

We invite you to join us in the wonderful world of ballet where art and beauty come alive. This camp is an exceptional opportunity for talented young dancers from around the world to immerse themselves in a professional ballet atmosphere, learn from the best masters, and express themselves on stage.

This year we are proud to offer not only classical ballet classes, but also unique sessions with world-class professionals. Our guests will include the world's best Vaganova Academy teachers, as well as a Belarusian ballet doctor visiting Japan for the first time, who will share their experiences alongside many renowned artists, and a contemporary choreographer who will help us create new works. She will help each participant find his or her individual role of expression.

We create an environment where each student develops skills, gains valuable knowledge and advice, and is prepared for a career in the world as a professional ballet dancer. All of this is done through creativity, inspiration, and friendship.

We invite you to join us on this unforgettable ballet journey. Here, dreams become reality and each step leads to new discoveries. Join us at our ballet camp and together we will create something amazing!

We look forward to seeing you again in the world of ballet!

Japan Vaganova Ballet Association

Representative Andrei Orlov

・A comprehensive program specializing in ballet instruction and designed to enhance students' artistic development.

Traditional ballet at summer camp

・This program is designed for students who are serious
about studying Russian ballet.


Divided into 3 group (beginner to upper intermediate)
4-6 dance lessons and lectures will be given per day.
The our talented students at the end of the program can audition for 10 of the most famous Russian style ballet schools in the world.
Students grasp the fundamentals of traditional Russian ballet artistry and stylistic beauty through the study of ballet history, Russian language, music history and anatomy.
You will have the chance to take master classes with famous world ballet stars.
Students will receive direct instruction on a wide variety of lessons, including classical ballet, character dance, historical dance, contemporary and acting. Teachers from the renowned Vaganova Ballet Academy will teach students the most correct traditional style of dance.



Special Master Classes

Dance lessons

Svetlana Ivanova
(Classical Ballet, Variations)
Instructor at Vaganova Ballet Academy
- Former Mariinsky Theatre soloist
- Graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy, Faculty of Education and Faculty of Performing Arts.
In 1996 graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy from the class of legendary ballet dancer Inna Zubkovskaya. Since then, she has performed solo parts at the Mariinsky Theatre.
She has also completed the Vaganova Ballet Academy's teacher training program and teaches intermediate and advanced students at the academy. She is currently an assistant teacher for the Tsiskaridze class.
Yulia Kamilova
(Classical, Historical, Character Dance)
A teacher at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, she graduated from the Vaganova Ballet Academy in 1997 and joined the Mikhailovsky Theatre Ballet in the same year. She has performed as chore dancer, soloist and character dancer in many classical productions. She has performed with the current artistic director, Gianna Ayupova, in numerous productions. Her lessons are easy to understand for Japanese students and help them to learn the unfamiliar character dances.
Elena Gradkovskaya
Choreographer and contemporary dancer. Born in Russia. Studied ballet, transnational dance, modern dance, choreography, and many other forms of dance at St. Petersburg State University of Arts and Culture. Studied ballet choreography and composition at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory for two years.
Received MFA in "Scientific and Creative Contemporary Dance Choreography and Composition" from the Vaganova Ballet Academy.
Since 2017 has been working as artistic director, director, choreographer, and manager of Awaji Art Circus, an international performing arts festival held on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, while also engaging own creative activities centered on performance.

Ivan Savenkov
Holds a Master's Degree in Education in Biomechanika (physical training methods) and is the author of the book "Educational Project "ProBallet"". Certified instructor in neuromuscular re-education and rehabilitation equipment Red Cord and Neurac therapy, and a certified instructor in whole body vibration stimulation training. Expert in the National Kinesio Taping Association and manual muscle testing, and an expert in soft tissue mobilization, FDM therapy, deep tissue massage, and sports massage using ERGON®. Certified coach of the Belarusian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation.
Engaged in various areas of muscle training, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and functional anatomy based on the latest research by leading experts in the connective tissue world.
Currently enrolled in the second semester doctoral program at the Faculty of Biology and Anatomy of the Belarusian State University of Physical Education.
Alexander Buber 
(Body conditioning).
After being promoted to Principal of the National Ballet of Belarus (2003), she received the Presidential Award for promising youth (2005), and was a soloist with K-Ballet Company (2006-2009). Since then, she has been a freelance dancer, teacher, competition judge, etc. Instructor of JVBA Summer Camp in Nagano Body Conditioning in 2022.
Ryoko Sugimoto
(Ballet Anatomy)
M.F.A. in Movement Science, Ochanomizu University. Trained in dance and body conditioning in New York as an overseas trainee with the Agency for Cultural Affairs (2002-2004). Certified Movement Analyst and certified to teach Pilates and Mat Exercise (2004). Currently teaches and lectures on body conditioning, anatomy, and exercise physiology to dance and music professionals and various fields at Showa University of Music, Architants, and Artists' Medicine Box. 2022 JVBA Summer Camp in Nagano Anatomy Instructor.
Takako Obayashi
After graduating from the Russian State Perm Ballet Academy joined the Chuvash Opera Ballet Theatre of Russia.
After returning to Japan began research specializing in the history of Russian ballet in the 19th century. Holds a Master of Arts (Waseda University).
April 2020-July 2022: Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2), Doctoral Program in Theatre and Film Studies, Graduate School of Letters, Waseda University.
Also active as a Russian interpreter and translator.
Tomoyo Watanabe
(Floor Ballet)
Entered the Japanese School of the State Ballet School of Perm, Russia, to study the Waganova Method of teaching (2005). Studied at the 8th grade of the Russian State Ballet School (2006). Worked as a dancer in the Russian State Opera Ballet Company of Udmurt (2007-2010). After returning to Japan, became a certified trainer of the Barre au Sol Kniazev Method (2018). Lecturer at Tokyo Ballet High School and Tokyo Ballet Institute (2011). 2022 JVBA Summer Camp in Nagano Floor Ballet Instructor. 2023 Appointed Director of Japan Vaganova Ballet Association.

Natasha Furman (Special guest)

Natasha Furman. 15 years old. A 5th grade student of the Vaganova Academy. A very talented and ambitious girl who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi and Mariinsky theaters. Ambasador of the Grishko brand. Prize-winner of many ballet competitions. In Japan she was only very small. But this time she will participate as a special guest at our ballet camp in Nagano and at the international ballet competition PETIPA PRIX in Yokohama. Also she definitely wants to meet her fans, because she is active on her instagram, where she already has more than 100,000 fans from all over the world!

Mark Olich

マーク・オリッチはサンクトペテルブルクの舞台写真家で、世界有数の写真家として世界中にその名をとどろかせています。サンクトペテルブルクのマリンスキー劇場、モスクワのボリショイ劇場、ボリス・エイフマンバレエ団、ヤコブソン・バレエ団、スペイン国立バレエ団、モーリス・ベジャール・バレエ団など数々のバレエ団の撮影に携わっています。マーク・オリッチは当協会のワガノワバレエアカデミー・サマースクールでいつも撮影を依頼しているカメラマンです。今年は初来日し、プロ舞台写真家の作品を皆様にご披露してくださいます。長野のサマーキャンプ、横浜で開催されるPETIPA PRIXコンペティションに参加していただく予定です。
Andrei Orlov
Graduated at the top of his class from Udmurt State University of Arts, Russia. Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Udmurt State University of Arts, Russia, as a pedagogical choreographer. Has worked as a ballet master and choreographer at several theaters including the Russian State Udmurt Opera Ballet Theatre named after Tchaikovsky.In 2012 moved to Japan and joined the Momoko Tani Ballet Company. Established the Japan Vaganova Ballet Association, the official partner of the Russian State Vaganova Ballet Academy in Japan, and became its representative director. Since then, has organized summer schools, auditions for formal study abroad programs, and ballet teacher reeducation programs. Produces events featuring ballet dancers from Japan and abroad. At this time doctoral student of the Vaganova Ballet Academy.


  • Kotono Horiuchi
    (Ballet Pianist)
    Graduated from Tokyo College of Music, Piano Performer Course. Received a scholarship upon entering the graduate school's Keyboard Instrument Research Area (Piano) and completed the course in 2020.Received a scholarship from the university to study at the Royal Academy of Music in the U.K. for a short term in 2015.Selected for the 2019 Pitina Piano Competition Pre Special Class National Final.Selected for the 2019 Pitina Piano Competition Pre Special Class National Final. Gold Prize at the 27th Young Artists Piano Competition, Class S. Currently ballet pianist for Tokyo City Ballet, Emiko and Hiroko Hayakawa Ballet Studio, and Inoue Ballet Academy. She has performed in concerts sponsored by Steinway & Sons Tokyo and held a special ballet music concert at Josui Kaikan's "Gastronomy and Music Salon vol. 27. She is a member of the Edogawa Performers' Association. He is a member of the Conducting Training Course at Tokyo College of Music.
  • Masako Ogasawara
    (Ballet Pianist)
    Performs as a pianist for classical ballet and contemporary dance at Iwata Ballet, Inoue Ballet, Showa University of Music (part-time instructor), and others. She has composed her own music for contemporary dance performances. For the opening concert of the Showa University of Music building relocation, he arranged and choreographed Les Sylphides with an ensemble of four electric instruments. She has also led many workshops for guest lecturers from abroad.

Plan Details

JVBA Ballet Summer Camp 2024 in Nagano
Japan Vaganova Ballet Association(JVBA)
[reception]7.28(Sun) 13:00
※ 8 minutes walk between both venues(Googleマップ
Venue 1
Nagano City Art Museum
1613 Midori-cho, Tsuruga, Nagano City
Venue 2
Shinanoki (Workers' Women's Hall)
1481-1 Nishi-Nagano-Nishi Tsuruga-cho, Nagano City
A:9-12 y.o.
Full age as of July 28, 2024
C:16-21 y.o.
B:13-15 y.o.
Study Contents
(1) Program [Group A, B, C]
<Dance Lessons>
Classical Dance: Russian Ballet Method
Pointe Shoes: Russian Ballet Method
Variations: practice of works suitable for each group
Character dances: dances with folkloric elements
Dances with folkloric elements
Historical dances: medieval court and aristocratic dances studied in ballet school.
Contemporary dance: a relatively new type of dance that makes full use of physical

<Body building>
Floor ballet: ballet exercises on the floor that are also used in ballet schools.
Body conditioning: Exercises to remove the difficulty of dancing and to enhance the ease of dancing.
Stretching: Improve flexibility throughout the body.
Turnout stretches: special stretches to widen the turnout

History of Ballet: from the birth of ballet to the perfection of classical ballet and its most famous works.
Ballet anatomy and biomechanics: Learn how to improve ballet movements, understanding the
structure of the dancer's body
Online interviews with world famous dancers: interviews with current ballet dancers from the Mariinsky Theatre
and other ballet companies (online)
Special stage experience: perform an etudes on the last day at the Nagano City Arts Center Act Space

(2) For Group B and C
Regular study abroad at a famous school, summer school, etc.
There will be a selection for the right to participate in

Audition details (for those who wish to attend)
The audition will be held at the time of the lesson.
There is also a possibility that you will be selected to participate in the following summer school.
Group A students who will be 12 years old in 2025 will be eligible for the Vaganova Summer Program.
Russian State Vaganova Ballet Academy Summer School 2025 St. Petersburg
Vaganova Ballet Academy short-time scholarship 2024-2025
PETIPA GRAND PRIX in Yokohama 2025/1/5
Rudolf Nureyev State Ufa Ballet School (Russia) full-time Training Program 2024~
Rudolf Nureyev State Ufa Ballet School (Russia) short-time Training Program 2024-2025

Novosibirsk State Ballet Academy (Russia) full-time Training Program 2024~
Novosibirsk State Ballet Academy (Russia) short-time Training Program 2024-2025
Perm State Choreographic College (Russia) full-time Training Program 2024~
Perm State Choreographic College (Russia) short-time Training Program 2024-2025
Tajikistan Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre Internship Program 2024-2025
Victoria International Ballet Academy (Canada) full-time Training Program 2024~
Victoria International Ballet Academy (Canada) Summer School 2025
Baku Ballet Academy (Azerbaijan) full-time Training Program 2024~
*For video auditions, if necessary.
Filming will be done (free of charge)
Creativity is to discover a question that has never been asked. If one brings up an idiosyncratic question, the answer he gives will necessarily be unique as well.
Daily activities
※Contents vary depending on the day.
9:00-9:50 Floor Ballet
10:00-11:30 Classic Ballet
11:30-13:00 Pointe Work and Variation
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:30-16:00 Character/Historical Dance
16:10-17:10 Lecture
17:30-18:00 Dinner
18:00-20:00 Ballet Cinema
Lunch and dinner will be provided at the venue.
Breakfast is on your own as a rule.
■Hotels where you will be staying
■Convenience store
Can be accompanied by staff
[Group A] In principle, please stay at the designated hotel. Staff will escort you between the hotel and the venue.
We will inform you of the details after your registration.

[Groups B and C] There are no special requirements. Please make reservations at one of the recommended
hotels listed below or at other accommodations.
[Group B and Group C] No special designation. Please make reservations at the following recommended
hotels or other accommodations.

Island Hotel
TEL: 026-226-3388
7-minute walk to the venue
(If you would like to reserve a room, please inform the hotel that you are making a reservation with
The Japan Vaganova Ballet Association)

Hotel JAL City Nagano
TEL: 026-225-1131
10 minutes walk to the venue

Hotel Nagano Avenue
tel: 026-223-1123
Approximately 7 minutes on foot to the venue* (excluding train waiting time)

Hotel Hokusaikan
tel: 026-235-3333
TEL: 0120-353-332 (room reservations)
17 min. walk to the venue

Hotel Trend Nagano
TEL: 026-233-2800
9 min. walk to the venue

tel: 026-227-7200
15 min. walk to the venue, 6 min. walk from Nagano Electric Railway & 6 min. walk to the venue

tel: 026-225-1050
Approx. 17 min. walk to the venue

Excluding train waiting time
Application Procedure
1. Send application form
2. Transfer the course fee
3. Make a hotel reservation
4. Register at the venue
Accompanying support
Support for those who live far away from Tokyo
(1) Staff accompaniment from Tokyo Station
(2) Staff will accompany from Nagano station.
(3) Hotel with staff support already secured, etc.
If you are worried about traveling alone from a distant place, please contact us from the inquiry form.
Tuition fee
All prices include tax.
Application deadline: July 14 (Sun.)
Tiered early bird rates are applied according to the date of transfer, not the date of application.
2200 USD
Group Application Privilege

Group discounts (5 or more people) are available. Please contact info@jvba.jp for more information
Method of payment
Bank transfer
・Please make payment within 3 business days after application.
What about meals during the camp?
Please have breakfast before the lesson at the hotel you have reserved.
For lunch and dinner, we will prepare a packed lunch for you. (The fee is included in the registration fee.)
Please eat at the venue and then return to your hotel.

Are allergy accommodations available for meals during the camp?
Yes, it is possible. We will send you an allergy survey form later.

Can I get a receipt for the course fee?
Yes, we can. Please send us your name and address on the inquiry form.

Are junior high school students and elementary school students at the same venue?
Yes.The rooms are different, but the venue is the same.

Is PAYPAY bank the only account for payment of course fees?
Yes, it is.

Is it possible to extend this year's participation rights earned in the competition to the next year?
Please use this year's participation rights for this year.
In principle, they cannot be carried over to the next year.

Can parents/guardians observe the competition?
Yes.Only the completion concert can be observed. Details will be announced at a later date.

I don't have my toe shoes on yet, can I still participate?
Yes, you can. Please participate in the class with ballet shoes.

I have never studied the Vaganova Method.
Yes, you can. The main purpose of this program is to enable students to learn the Vaganova Method in Japan, so anyone who is serious about learning ballet is welcome to participate.

Can I join from the middle of the program?
Yes, you can. Please note that there is no change in the tuition fee.

Since it would be difficult for me to stay alone in a hotel for 8 days and prepare my own meals, would it be better if I stay with my parents as well?
Since you will be on your own in the mornings, we recommend that you book a plan that includes breakfast at the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be taken at the venue with our staff. If you are still concerned, please bring your parents with you.

I can't make a chignon by myself.
There is still time before August, so please practice making it by yourself as much as possible. If you have difficulty, our staff will assist you on site.

How should I do my laundry?
Group A hotels have washing machines, so please do your own laundry with the assistance of our staff.
If you are concerned, please bring a change of clothes for 7 days.

Can I check in after the lesson on the first day?
Yes, it is possible. Please inform the hotel of your check-in time.

I changed the hotel I reserved after reporting. What should I do?
Please report it again using the Hotel Reservation Status Report Form.

Is it possible for children 9 years old and up to participate in the tour?
It is possible to participate as long as you are at a level where you can have lessons with a 10 year old, and if you are participating alone, you are ready for ballet on your own.

I am in Group B, but I am worried about having her stay alone.
It is possible for them to stay in the same hotel as Group A. Please consult with us.

Cancellation Policy
●Cancellation due to participant's reason
Cancellation after transfer cannot be accepted for any reason.
●Cancellation due to the organizer's reason
If the organizer (Vaganova Ballet Academy or the Association) decides to cancel the event, the remaining amount will be refunded after deducting an administration fee of 11,000 yen (including tax) from the tuition already paid up to that point.

Ballet Summer Camp 2024 in Nagano Participant Registration Form

Genres you have studied (any number)
If you do not wish to audition, please choose 2.
If you wish to audition, please select which school you wish to audition for.
(more than one) acceptable
Please indicate any other details about your accommodation.
Photo/video approval
※ Photos and videos taken during this event may be used for future promotional announcements. They may also be distributed to participants and their families to view the lessons. Please note that participants' faces may be shown in the video.
Regarding the payment of the course fee according to the date of transfer, not the date of application
Please fill in the following information about the parent/guardian.
The reply from this form will be sent to this e-mail address.
You must agree to the Privacy Policy before submitting your information.
Specified Commercial Transactions Law(https://bit.ly/44ZiFSf) 
Personal Information Protection Policy(https://bit.ly/3VZntTG
2024 All Right Reserved

Japan Vaganova Ballet Association

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